2001 Season



Band Shell Central Park, New York City (72nd street, halfway between East and West side entrances)


This event takes place most Sundays during the Summer. It is an outdoor swing dance open to any interested participants. There are occasional line dances and jam circles throughout the day. The music is Dee Jay'd and it's all swingin'. You can come just for the music or you can bust out your own dancing.

Permit - means we have a special permit for that day which guarantees the space for us. All of our events are now Permit events.

If you are interested in volunteering at these events email Swing@SavoyCentral.org For cancellations and last minute updates always check here on the web, or you can also call The Swing Hotline: 212-358-3858

Past Postings:

OCT 17th 2001

Sunday Oct. 14th was a terrific day out at the Band Shell. The Theme "United We Swing" was chosen for our Finale event and the Flag arrangements around the Band Shell were a nice touch according to many of the visitors. Much thanks to Katie (For the Announcements and Grapes), Sara Jane (for her tireless work on getting live music for the Finale), Larry (for dee jay services), George, Rothchild, Eric, Mary, and all who volunteered throughout the year to make this event a success. Event Paraphanalia (Tee-Shirts and Flags) raised $120 towards The September 11th Fund. Thanks for participating and see ya in the Spring.

Oct 13th Since we were rained out on Sept. 30th, The Season Finale has been rescheduled for Sunday, October 14th 3-6:30pm
We will have live music in the band shell and plenty of room to dance. This will also be a WTC Benefit event as profits from all sales items (t-shirts and stuff) will go towards The September 11th Fund. Hope to see you all here! If you can volunteer that day, please contact us. See LindyShop for some of the event paraphernalia.

Sept.30th The Event today has been postponed due to the rain. Sorry. Stay tuned for information about a possible rain date.

Sept. 8th Well, our Sept 2nd dance was a hit. A sunny spectacular New York Sky and lots of participants. Thanks for joining us and look forward to our finale on September 30th. As long as it's good weather, we'll have a live band (4 piece swing band arranged and sponsored by George Gee) and the best hours of the summer! 3-6pm! Sorry but no dance for the next 3 Sundays.

August 16th Well, cheers to all of those who showed up in the drizzle last Sunday as we were out there despite the questionable weather. Also, special thanks to Rotchild, Katie, Mary, Kathy and Lynn for their efforts and help with Central Park Swings this month. Sunday August 19th will be the final date in August. See below for the September Schedule.

August 5th Congratulations! Our first Permitted event was received well by the parks commission so thanks everyone for showing up and making it a great day! Due to the positive feedback, we have been granted future permits.

July 27 We are holding our first Permitted event in Central Park! It will be held at The Band Shell. This will commence at an earlier time of 1pm-4pm This is due to the exremely loud music which can be heard from Summer Stage and begins at 3pm.This trial day will be your opportunity to see what it's like at the Band Shell before SummerStage starts and what it's like while it's going on. We will then make a decision if we keep the new hours or adjust them appropriately. Please come out and celebrate with us!

July 9th ,7pm Looks good for this Sunday. Stay tuned for exciting news about our possible new location at the band shell.

July 7th , 8pm The weather forecast is for rain this Sunday. This event will be cancelled unless a dramatic change in weather takes place. Stay tuned for exciting new about our new permitted location at the band shell. To be announced very soon!

June 24, 2001 1pm The weather is looking good for today. See ya out there.

June 20 , 2001 The weather looks great for This Sunday June 24th! Hope to see you all out there. Unfortunately a difficult decision was made on the 17th and the music was not brought out even though the weather remarkably cleared. We'll try to do better on those tough calls next time.

June 8 , 2001 Due to the parade on Sunday June 10th, Central Park Swings will NOT be held. The next event will be on June 17th.

June 3 , 2001 Thanks everyone for coming out despite the early thread today that said it was canceled due to the weather. You can all thank Larry for getting the word out that it was still on.We had a nice crowd for our first try at Cherry Hill. It was sunny, breezy and warm, perfect conditions for Central Park Swings. About 75 dancers totaling including two visiting dancers from Singapore joined us today! I think the reactions were all positive for the new space and we should be able to get about 6-9 solid dates this summer for that spot. We will also be getting a small number of spots at the band shell. Stay tuned for info. The next 3 dates will be announced this Thursday June 7th. (At this time, June 10th is not likely due to the proximity of the parade that will be taking place, however please stay tuned

June 3 , 2001 Weather looks bad. Sorry we are not going to be out there. Stay tuned for the next 3 scheduled events. Information will be posted by next Thursday June 7th.

May 30, 2001

Here's the deal. No word yet from the park. They promised an answer by Wednesday May 30, but no answer as of yet. Despite this temporary setback, will be out there at the new location as noted above. Still expecting an answer beforehand.

May 22, 2001

Well, we're coming back! Just a couple more days and we will have final confirmation and all the details. Our opening on May 6th was a hit! We Has Close To 150 people out there. It was Bedlam! So, now we must relocate so as to abide by the Central Park Conservatory regulations. We will be alternating locations occasionally. Stay tuned for details.Test