Central Park Swings began in 1998 with a small boombox provided by Paolo (of PaoloSwings.com) and was held at Bethesda Fountain for 3 years until it was moved to the bandshell (circa 2001) so that it could receive the endorsement of the parks department.

“I remember that distinctively because we held a 9/11 tribute/remembrance in October of that year in the bandshell.” quoted from Paolo Pasta Lanna. Our events ran select Saturday & Sunday afternoons from the SPRING – FALL for 10 years. It was ended in 2011 due to increased permit restrictions and difficulties in getting prime time weekend dates for the band shell.

However, In 2022, we brought the program back after seeing an enormous need and interest for public dance programming to help people transition back to social beings. The outdoor programs seemed best suited for this and since that fit the original goal, to share the joy of music and social dance, we returned. I’m proud to have this program running again both at the Bandshell and at King Jagiello Plaza (added to our locations in 2023).

Paolo of PaoloSwings.com

Please feel free to also view the history of our past seasons!

Central Park Swings was also featured on LXTV FIRST LOOK back in 2008. Here is our director being interviewed by Emmy winning lifestyle host Sara Gore for NBC and LXTV

This included an impromptu dance instruction with lifestyle host Lisa Gore.